/ plangk / er   [n.]   a term used by snowboarders to describe skiers - as overheard most days on Bachelor "hey, get out of my way you old planker
Planker Sandwiches

We've been working in restaurants for as long as we can remember.  Most of our experience has been with large, full service places all over the Pacific Northwest.  Everyone who works in our industry knows that the business requires hard work and long hours year round.  Whenever we were ready for a break, we'd head to Bend, Oregon for good food, good fun and great times outdoors.  It was our dream to open a small place that focused on wholesome foods, supported the locals and provided a great value for everyone.  Whether it's a warm breakfast sandwich and a cup of Stumptown's Hairbender on the way to the mountain, a hearty BLTA ciabatta and a Vicious Mosquito IPA following an afternoon on Phil's trails or just some good food and great times, we hope to see you soon at Planker Sandwiches

Very Sincerely,
                        Karin and Joe
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